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    Source: | Author:admin | Publish time: 912 days ago | 1838 Views | Share:

    2017-6-15 Jiangsu city of Wuxi province Yicheng delegation to visit our company to visit, rich and colorful activities, the scene of laughter, the atmosphere was in a wonderful interactive implicit continuous applause!             
    See! The team wore a Yicheng red, vibrant, although some in fine fig, long tired, but they still smile, in high spirit, walking light! They said, "it feels good to be home."! Home is warm, home is harmonious, family is good! Nice home!

    The new and old friends to visit the Yi Group's production base in Shanghai exhibition hall, cultural corridor, wall of honor, workshop and so on, each aunt and uncle are full of praise: Yi City, good style should have to look at it!

             After visiting Shanghai into the Yicheng Hall of a floor to rest, chat, hoping to have a meeting in Shanghai Yicheng chairman, chat, good!
    Host on-site activities rich and varied, all aspects are carefully planned, carefully prepared, so that the whole field activities: compact, diverse and perfect! Whether it is puzzle, brain games, or on-site lottery links are very exciting, all laugh from ear to ear!

    The whole tour ended in applause and cheers! Shanghai Yicheng with thanksgiving heart, not disease prevention and determination, to send health to every family, for everyone to promote green health concept, Yicheng science and technology achievements in health, Yicheng high-tech health! Yicheng makes life better! Yicheng makes people healthier! Bless all Yicheng people!