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        Publish time 2017-05-10 16:22    
  • Product features

    Built in NdFeB magnet system
    Precision ceramic composite filter core
    Coconut shell high carbon carbon nano iron
    亚博ios下载地址|欢迎进入  uses advanced neodymium iron magnetization system, double magnetic ring cutting, so that water is completely high magnetization.
    Sophisticated technology, easy to clean, high temperature resistant, 0.01μM filter hole, 99.99% removal of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and other impurities.
    Using advanced water purification, effective adsorption of heavy metals, removal of residual chlorine in water and the smell, while retaining water of mineral and trace elements, let the water become more sweet, pure, transparent and moist.

    Working principle

    Lead free copper Seiko, mirror polishing, fashion, simplicity, atmosphere.
    Replace the filter element briefly, gently unscrew the filter cover.
    Straight drinking straight with double water pipe design, one machine multi-purpose, 360 degrees free rotation of water.
    Independent double control water valve, water temperature, water regulation at will.

    1, when the tap switch is opened, when the water flows out, the coil cuts the magnetic field line in the magnetic field, generates current, transforms into electric energy and magnetic energy, saves extra electricity, and is green and environment-friendly.

    2 when the water continues to flow, it passes through the electromagnetic field produced by 亚博ios下载地址|欢迎进入. Due to a variety of acrobatic good water conductivity and tap water contains the electromagnetic field generated by the 亚博ios下载地址|欢迎进入 through the vertical lines, activator by transformation principle, will have residual chlorine harmful salts into human body in pairs, change harm to treasure.

    3, 亚博ios下载地址|欢迎进入 will tap water through filtration, to achieve natural, weak basic small molecular mass of water. Small molecular mass of water, with a large amount of kinetic energy, the speed of movement, known as active water. The activity of water into the body, easily absorbed by the human body, and found beneficial to human body nutrients, minerals and oxygen to every cell, so clean, dynamic, nutrient rich liquid filled with human cells inside and outside, to activate the body's cells, it can greatly promote the growth and development cells, make human body cell vitality.