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    Shanghai Yicheng medical instrument co.,ltd headquarters is located in Shanghai Hongqiao high tech talents in large area, close to metro line 17 subway station, from the subway station only 300 meters, take the subway to downtown Shanghai, only 30 minutes; take the subway to Hongqiao International Airport, Hongqiao high speed rail station, only 3 stations, only 10 minutes, the traffic is very convenient, travel is very convenient; G50, G1501 high-speed Shanghai Nanjing, Shanghai Hangzhou, close at hand, the Beijing Shanghai high speed around, car travel is also very convenient.

    This is a company in the medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, health equipment, beauty equipment, thermal equipment and biological science and technology in areas such as health care products, water treatment, modern comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and sales.

    Founded more than 10 years, with strong scientific research forces and experts and scholars continue to explore, scientific innovation, have gradually developed a series of high technology content of good products. Products covered:

    First, home treatment apparatus, rehabilitation equipment and electronic health products series;

    Two 、 small molecule water treatment equipment products series;

    Three 、 warm magnetotherapy mattress and other warm health products;

    Four, Yicheng brand "magic energy, magnetic therapy instrument" and other four major product lines;

    The company all products have reached high quality, high quality assurance, high service standards, by customers high standards of love.

    The company and the chronic disease prevention association, China administration of traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated and sub-health intervention effect evaluation center "," Hebei province Tangshan City Xinhua hospital established strategic partnership units, Yicheng products are more units as designated products.

    In view of the company to make outstanding achievements in the field of health, has been "China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association of medical quality management committee", "China healthcare International Exchange Association", "Chinese medical foundation in the elderly health care Specialized Committee, Shanghai medical device industry association, Shanghai City Business Association" and "Shanghai Entrepreneur Association" and other departments for the absorption of member units. The achievement of these honors fully demonstrates that the relevant departments of the state have made great contributions and recognition and strong support to the company in the health sector.

    Looking forward to the future, we will make persistent efforts while the company is developing vigorously,

    Will repay the community with gratitude;

    To provide quality products and user-friendly services, return to our strong support partners and customers;

    Combined with the implementation of "strengthen and The Belt and Road" policy, high R & D and production of high-tech health products at the same time, the rapid expansion of the coverage area of the range of products, sent to health for more people;

    Strengthen lateral communication and learn from others;

    To improve the health of the whole people, to build a harmonious society and achieve a beautiful Chinese dream to make greater contributions.

    The company's business philosophy: integrity, gratitude, win-win situation.

    The company's business objectives: product line, passing rate of 100%; product testing rate of 100%; product customer satisfaction reached 100%.

    The company purpose: to create a green world with Yi heart, with eyes to see a healthy environment, you join the Yicheng is more likely to succeed, Yicheng make health care better and Yicheng for your health escort.