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    Yicheng group not only has a skilled team of experts, but also a higher level of management team, the group top managers are the industry's management elite. Yicheng people return to the community, for the benefit of mankind, Yicheng headquarters in Shanghai invested heavily, and constantly develop new products suitable for modern people, such as "air purifier, oxygen machine, and on the basis of the development of the market has a large number of the succession in many domestic large and medium-sized city set up business department, branch and free service center. For all the old friends, make use of Yicheng brand products in old friends can enjoy our complimentary" health, knowledge, happiness, and make greater contribution to the progress of medical career.
    "Quality, achievement, value, merit, commitment.""
    Excellent quality is the cornerstone of Yicheng's participation in competition and market confidence. Founded at the beginning, Yicheng adhere to the "product quality first" policy.
    In 2001, the project was formally approved by the Ministry of national health and received 50 million support from the national science and Technology Fund. It became the No. 1 project of the 863 national science and technology program, and blossomed in the world's financial, trade, scientific and technological cities --- Shanghai.
    In July 2, 2010, Yicheng medical equipment group company production base passed ISO 9000 quality management system (International) certification, and obtained the certificate, the certificate number is UKQ1007003Q0.
    Only good quality, good market. Over the years, Yicheng has created the value for consumers with excellent quality, won the reputation of consumers, has also achieved its own value, and won many honors and unconventional development.
    Looking forward to Yicheng:
    Even if the road is far away
    Faith is still firm
    Or encounter ups and downs
    Rainbow is still beautiful after rain
    Yicheng believes
    With ability, there is hope for a day
    There is hope to have the ability to open every step