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    How to improve the body quality and improve immunity?

    Immunity is the body's resistance to a variety of diseases. The resistance comes from the body's immune system, which consists of the thyroid gland, tonsils, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow and white blood cells. The stronger the immune system, the less likely it is to be attacked by the disease. For millions of years, mankind has lived in a place that is both suitable for life and full of danger. Human beings have survived and acquired remarkable immunity.

    When the body encounters viruses, bacteria and infectious disease invasion, the body has the "immune system" will play against aggression against intruders in mission. To make the body strong resistance, we should do the following aspects.

    1, eat more antioxidant food

    The free radicals produced by the body damage cells in the body and destroy the immune system. Only antioxidant nutrients can clear it up. As the age increases, the body's antioxidant substances decrease, and eventually unable to remove the accumulation of free radicals. When the body is full of free radicals, health will light red light.

    Antioxidant nutrients including vitamins E, C, beta carotene, copper, selenium, containing in potato, Green Tea, citrus, broccoli, milk, fish, wheat, cherry, strawberry, watermelon, tomatoes and other foods, these are natural antioxidant food cheap.

    2, balanced nutrition

    Nutrition is the basis of immunity. First of all, to ensure high quality protein, including animal food and soy products. The main increase in fish intake, eat an egg every day, drink 250 milliliters of milk per day, high cholesterol patients can use skim milk. Choose more soy products such as tofu, tofu and chicken, only add high-quality protein, and no increase of blood lipid. Secondly, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are rich in trace elements, vitamins and dietary fiber. Vitamin C and beta carotene play an important role in maintaining normal physiological functions of the body, while dietary fiber can increase peristalsis and prevent or relieve constipation. In addition, we must ensure that all kinds of inorganic salts and trace elements are ingested.

    3. Keep a good mood

    The immune organs of the body, such as the thymus, spleen, lymph gland and bone marrow, are distributed with nerve fibers, and all nerves are commanded by the brain, which directly affects the function of the immune system. A positive and optimistic attitude helps to increase the number of immune cells and stimulate the vitality of the immune system, thus fully protecting the body.

    4, develop good habits and customs

    Unhealthy behaviors and habits can lead to a range of diseases, including cancer. Negative life factors play a long-term and persistent role in the organism. Excessive stimulation of the immune system disrupts normal physiological functions and leads to a decrease in immunity. Therefore, improve immunity should develop good habits, living there often, rest, eat a balanced diet, avoid unhealthy living habits.

    5, proper outdoor sports

    To breathe the fresh air, can ensure that the needs of the body organs and immune mechanism of oxygen supply, the body sufficient oxygen can enhance the ability of the body to withstand external pressure, and can reduce anxiety, reduce aggression. Exercise can improve the functions of the central nervous system, the nutrition and lipid metabolism of the heart, promote circulation and metabolism of the whole body, blood and body, and retard the aging of the organism and the decay of the immune system function.

    6. Drink plenty of water,

    Water is the basic element of life, and water prevents the skin and mucous membranes from drying out. Dryness of the skin and mucous membranes causes bacteria and viruses to enter the body's path unimpeded. Proper humidity should be maintained in the room, which can cause mucous membranes to dry out, especially in the mouth and upper respiratory tract. This will reduce the risk of pathogenic factors.

    Summer heat, how should hypertensive patient pass?

    Answer: summer is the season with high blood pressure or more complications. In the hot summer, the human body's sleep quality drops, easy to cause the autonomic nerve disorder, after falling asleep, the nerve is excited, the blood vessel contraction, causes the nighttime blood pressure to rise, possibly causes the hemorrhagic stroke. And the fluctuation of blood pressure is also affected by emotion. If the blood pressure fluctuates greatly, it will cause serious complications in heart, brain and kidney, even endanger life.

    The main factors affecting blood pressure and humidity, high temperature and low temperature and pressure, the summer is high temperature, high humidity and low pressure period, hypertensive patients prone to symptoms, therefore, patients with hypertension in the summer to be more careful, pay attention to prevention.

    1, pay attention to the balanced diet, light, easy to digest food based, eat less fat and spicy food, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables. Mainly poultry, fish, geese and bean products, eggs and so on. Vegetables should not be less than 500 grams per day, while also adding high vitamins and other foods. Increase potassium and magnesium foods, such as celery, cucumber, garlic, mung beans and bananas. Potassium and magnesium can protect the cardiovascular system, promote the excretion of sodium and help maintain the stability of blood pressure.

    2, keep your peace. In hot weather, easily excited, agitated, if long-term mental stress can lead to mood emotional control, excessive anger or stress, are easy to cause central nervous excitement or disorder, make it difficult to sleep, even cause insomnia. Therefore, before going to bed to avoid the great wrath or sorrow is hushed into, to make smooth mood is good. If it is difficult to fall asleep because of mental stress or emotional excitement, you can take a supine posture with your hands under your navel, your tongue under your palate, and your whole body relaxed. Mouth, constantly fluid ingested, after a few minutes will be able to sleep.

    3, pay attention to replenish moisture. Summer temperature is higher, sweating more, the blood is easy to concentrate, in people's sleep or quiet, such as blood flow under slow conditions, it is easy to form thrombosis, induced myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis and other serious diseases. So in patients with hypertension in the summer should first pay attention to add enough water, if it doesn't feel too hot to always pay, especially under the condition of sweating should replenish beverages, each 200 to 300 ml, 2000 ml a day. No patients with diabetes can increase the intake of fresh fruit; people with diabetes, should be to green tea or cold boiling water. When you wake up in the middle of the night, proper amount of water and lower blood consistency are good for the prevention of thrombosis.

    4, appropriate nap: high summer temperatures, day short night, often make people lack of sleep can affect blood pressure stable, so patients should create suitable temperature and quiet environment to rest in the summer, in addition to the night have enough sleep time, every day can nap for 1 hours, which will help to maintain a stable blood pressure.

    5, reasonable exercise. In summer, hypertension patients should take medicine after half an hour in the morning to go to sports, general requirements for each exercise for 30 to 60 minutes, including 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up and 5 to 10 minutes, the real exercise time for 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week for the appropriate frequency. Can be brisk walking, jogging, Tai Chi and other activities, exercise should be in the early morning when cool, and should not exercise in the hot sun, to avoid excessive myocardial consumption and dehydration of the body, causing heart disease.

    6, take reasonable medication. In general, the blood pressure is not too low, and the patient still needs to maintain a dose of medication. But if some people in summer is significantly lower blood pressure, this is still taking the winter dose to make blood pressure drop too low, prone to dizziness, such as cerebral insufficiency, powerless and even lead to cerebral infarction or angina pectoris. Also some hypertensive patients, see the blood pressure dropped down, then immediately stop the drug. This medication - withdrawal - medication approach will lead to fluctuations in blood pressure, not only can not reach the treatment effect, but also prone to serious complications. Therefore, in hot summer, patients with hypertension should adjust their dosage according to the results of blood pressure monitoring, and should also reduce the use of diuretics and some combination agents containing diuretics.

    Numb limbs, heart and cerebrovascular disease is not it?

    Answer: the cause of numbness of limbs may be a variety of diseases, can not be symptomatic treatment, but to the cause of treatment. No matter what the cause of the numbness of the hands and feet, should first go to the hospital neurology for examination, to determine whether the nerve damage, what kind of stimulus. If the nerve problem, but also need to make electromyography, further confirm the extent, extent, nature and so on nerve damage. If it is for other reasons, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by numbness of hands and feet, patients should go to the hospital to check blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, fundus and blood rheology examination, if necessary, should be accompanied by X ray or CT examination. Once diagnosed, the primary disease should be treated with targeted treatment.

    Causes the limbs to numb the reason and the symptom has the following several aspects generally:

    1, transient ischemic attack (also known as "stroke") due to brain tissue especially the cerebral cortex ischemia, the functional disorder of sensory and motor center of the brain, which leads to the corresponding parts of the limb numbness. Cerebral ischemia can cause numbness in one side of the upper limb or lower limb, or numbness in the middle of the body, which usually lasts for hours to days. If not treated, can develop hemiplegia and even life-threatening disease. "Stroke" in addition to numbness or weak and feeble, accompanied by dizziness, headache, visual disorder (blurred vision), and memory (especially in recent memory decline) and increased blood pressure or low phenomenon; numbness is half side, with thumb or forefinger together with common numbness.

    2, high blood pressure, elevated blood pressure after systemic vasoconstriction, small vascular spasm, narrowing of the lumen, resulting in distal limb muscle blood supply decrease, peripheral circulation, nutrition can make no, numbness of the limbs, especially the fingers and toes are more sensitive. Numbness can occur only in a few digits and toes, and may be relieved after a brief period of duration. If it occurs frequently, it may be a precursor to a stroke.

    In 3, cervical spondylosis due to cervical vertebra degeneration, bone hyperplasia, normal anatomical position of cervical abnormalities, hyperplasia of the bone cervical nerve root compression nearby, resulting in ineffective numbness of the fingers is governed by, or involving the forearm or shoulder, symptoms can be aggravated or mitigated due to neck activity.

    4, diabetes - diabetes patients have numbness of hands and feet, the range is uncertain. The reason is that chronic hyperglycemia causes multiple nerve damage. There will be limbs, fingers, toes, Ma pain, skin ants, burning sensation. This disease should be treated mainly for primary diseases

    5, the dispersivity of limbs numbness of limbs numbness is not at the same time, but this situation is dispersed, the local nerve was stimulated, such as drunken coma caused by stroke, head of nerve stimulation, the elderly with a stick against nerve stimulation, upper extremity numbness caused by cervical spondylosis, lumbar nerve stimulation caused by leg numbness etc..

    6, drug or chemical induced numbness -- such as cold or diarrhea when taking berberine or furazolidone, can cause numbness; in hydrogen, arsenic, carbon disulfide in the environment for a long time, will also appear numbness.

    7, neuritis caused by numbness - the most common symptoms of neuritis, namely numbness of hands and feet, muscle atrophy, weakness of limbs. If you have diarrhea or cold for half a month, it will cause neuritis.

    Heart failure can also be saved?

    Answer: heart failure, also known as "myocardial failure", means that the heart at that time can not stroke the same vein reflux and body tissue metabolism required by the appropriate blood supply. The contraction of the heart muscle is often caused by various diseases, which reduces the blood output of the heart and is insufficient to meet the needs of the body, resulting in a series of symptoms and signs.

    Normal people walk 3-5 floors, will feel the heartbeat, some asthma, rest for a while. But the heart failure patients to walk several flights of stairs after had severe shortness of breath, heart like to jump out of my throat, and even take 20 - 30 minutes, still feel shortness of breath, dyspnea, severe shortness of breath go flat road. Some heart failure patients sleep at night will suddenly hold up, feel not enough gas, breathing difficulties, need to sit up immediately, panting, will be gradually improved, serious patients even need to sit on the bed all night.

    Has the patient been rescued since he has been diagnosed with heart failure? Otherwise, the levels of heart function impairment in different heart failure patients are different. I, physical activity is not restricted, general activity does not cause heart failure signs; II, mild physical activity is limited, general activity can cause fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath and other symptoms; III, physical activity was restricted, mild activity can cause heart failure signs; IV level, severe physical activity is limited any activity can cause cardiac dysfunction even when the rest also signs, palpitation, dyspnea and other symptoms. At the IV level, the patient is very dangerous and the mortality rate is very high. Therefore, heart failure must be treated early to counteract the deterioration of the disease.

    Heart failure requires a long period of control, but it is not easy to be fully restored to normal people, but this does not mean that patients with heart failure cannot enjoy normal life. If the condition is well controlled, patients with heart failure can still act like normal people. Therefore, patients with heart failure should be actively treated, stable condition, but also pay more attention to life habits.

    Heart failure patients should limit salt intake, stress a low salt diet, prevent the retention of water in the body, resulting in swelling and heart burden heavier. Foods should be high in calories, high in protein, vitamin, and digestible. Note that a small amount of meals, eating too much will increase the burden on the heart, causing heart failure. Hypertensive heart disease and obesity, coronary heart disease, should be treated with low fat and low cholesterol diet in patients with heart failure; prohibited alcohol and spicy food, avoid overwork and mental stimulation, to abstinence or contraception, serious illness should be prescribed a moratorium on pregnancy, to prevent heart failure. When the climate turns cold, we should pay attention to strengthening indoor warming measures to prevent the upper respiratory tract infection and reduce the risk of attack.

    Yi Cheng treatment instrument why must step on the foot of use?

    Answer: the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine in the human body, connecting the viscera three yin meridians of foot, foot Sanyang, yinwei vessel, Yang qiaomai starting and ending at the feet, and with 66 points on the foot (accounting for 10% of the total body acupuncture points) phase through these points is fundamental to the 6 meridian. Channels and collaterals are the channels for the body to run Qi and blood, to communicate with Zang Fu organs, to communicate with the inside and outside, and through the upper and lower channels, so that the human body can maintain a regular, harmonious and unified whole vitality. Chinese medicine has long been a "disease, diseases treatment, external treatment for internal diseases, head disease foot" and "showdown at all," said. The viscera of human body has a corresponding "projection" in the foot, often foot foot massage can stimulate acupuncture points to stimulate the regulatory role of the meridian, the meridians of the foot to be clear, blood is running to be smooth, and thus can promote the recovery of the body's normal physiological function.

    Yi Cheng treatment instrument is based on the meridian theory, biological magnetic resonance principle, uninterrupted emits electromagnetic pulse frequency of 12000 and 66 point massage to stimulate the soles of the feet, just like at the same time there are 66 needles on the acupoint acupuncture, can quickly open up the foot points of the human body, and gradually open up the connection of the viscera of human body the meridians of the human circulatory system, to be completely smooth.

    Yi Cheng cardiovascular therapeutic instrument is how to clean the blood vessel?

    Answer: we all know that red blood cells in the blood are both magnetic and fluid. The magnetic fluid technology has a basic characteristic: the magnetic fluid in the magnetic field, the magnetic field strength to a high side, but removed from the magnetic field in the magnetic particles in the magnetic fluid, fast irregular distribution, that without magnetic field, the magnetic fluid itself is not significant for the magnetic. Blood red blood cells with both magnetic and mobility, red blood cells due to the presence of iron element belongs to the magnetic material, the in vitro biological magnetic field will produce a magnetized magnetic fluid, the magnetic fluid is different with the general blood, magnetic fluid is flowing, it is at the heart of the role of blood flow in every hour and moment.

    Specific biological magnetic field produces beautiful city cardiovascular therapeutic instrument can become blood magnetic fluid in the magnetic field, so that the blood red blood cells as vascular scavenger, completely scour body angles and corners, so that the body elastic recovery, vasoactive increases, capillary and artery effectively expansion, and reduce the blocking the degree of coronary artery. In addition, because the magnetic field strength and frequency are changing, the blood vessel is regularly relaxing, absorbing the locally deposited blood as quickly as a small pump. Therefore, there are very good curative effect caused by YiCheng cardiovascular therapeutic instrument for lower extremity venous thrombosis, vasculitis, cerebral infarction and other diseases of the congestion and edema.

    The treatment effect of YiCheng instruments for the treatment of hypertension is what?

    Answer: high energy electromagnetic field treatment instrument City bionic Yi can make thick human blood reduced, greatly improving the properties of the blood flow, improve blood and microcirculation of the human body, the physiological changes of the human body reaction speed, vasoactive increased, arterial and capillary effectively expansion, blood flow resistance is decreased, the blood circulation is accelerated greatly. To improve the blood supply, arteriosclerosis gradually restore elasticity, reduce hypertension. Due to the thermal effect and cardiovascular therapeutic apparatus in the human micro vibration effect, electromagnetic effect to the human autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and regulate the function of The new supersedes the old. enhancement, can make the human bio field gradually balance, after the treatment of patients with the blood pressure maintained at the normal level, can reduce or stop the medication.

    The treatment of coronary heart disease treatment instrument YiCheng?

    Answer: coronary heart disease is one of the most common heart disease, and myocardial dysfunction refers to the lesion is caused by coronary artery stenosis and insufficiency, also known as ischemic heart disease, is generally caused by atherosclerosis. The use of YiCheng treatment, can activate brain cells and heart neuroendocrine function, is conducive to the regulation of the autonomic nervous system function, and can improve heart and lung function, dilate coronary artery, increase the coronary blood flow, thereby preventing the occurrence of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications.

    The bio electromagnetic cardiovascular therapeutic instrument produced by biological can produce weak current in the human body, together with thermal effect and micro vibration effect and improve blood circulation, make the human autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and function to enhance the regulation of The new supersedes the old. good. To improve the internal respiration of tissue cells and the acid-base balance and osmotic pressure balance of tissue.

    YiCheng treatment instrument how to detox?

    Answer: YiCheng cardiovascular treatment instrument is based on a common value Chinese and the Western foot as the carrier, around the foot around the channels and acupoints of reflection, to imitate human bionics electromagnetic fields as medium, magnetic field frequency, the feet bottom point fluctuations, forming a close and return channel and body fluid electrolyte, with magnetic resonance through the pores of the skin, sweat glands, capillaries, penetrate the body, helps the body eliminate long-term accumulation in the body is not easy to metabolize "toxin". After the use of obvious sense of urine red, yellow, skin dirt discharge more, oily substances increased hair. After the stage for action, let your body relaxed and carefree, young and energetic live.  

    Why do you say, "sooner or later, what's wrong with you?"

    As the water is magnetized more conducive to the body to absorb and remove dirt waste in the blood as principle, the ordinary water at a certain velocity, along with the magnetic vertical direction through the magnetic field with certain strength, water will become magnetized water. The magnetization function on the human body YiCheng biological electromagnetic field is more obvious, bionic electromagnetic field formed by the beautiful city of cardiovascular therapeutic instrument is like a huge magnetic field, people in the field, let the human body each organ thoroughly into the field to conduct a comprehensive role in the field of human body in the meridians and vessels to be magnetized molecular dredge, systemic blood red cells in the human blood is magnetized and erosion, decomposition of blood in the blood and open blocked meridians and waste gas, strong signal conduction of nerve network (phenomenon: people become flexible legs, brain activity), so as to completely open up the human energy circulation unobstructed. At the same time, regular magnetized blood vessel wall repair human damage, and can regenerate new capillaries and regeneration of neurons (new factors have obvious improvement of hemiplegia and numbness of limbs), human body every day sooner or later will maintain a magnetization, blood vessels and nerves, meridians unobstructed, reach the blood, nerve repair young people one purpose of regeneration.