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    Shanghai Yicheng biological magnetic health museum
    Self test of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
    Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the number one killer of human health". The global annual death toll of 30-70% people died in Chinese died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the proportion is as high as 50%, 60 years old suffering from cardiovascular disease as high as 70%, this number has attracted great attention from all walks of life for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
    Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases self-test
    1, are you often flustered, chest tightness?;
    2 when tired, do you feel pain in the precordial region or radioactive pain in the left arm?;
    3, when you wake up in the morning, sit up suddenly, do you feel the chest is particularly uncomfortable?;
    4, you are in the back of the sternum after the meal kept up, and sometimes cold sweat;
    5, sleep at night, do you have chest pain, can not lie flat?;
    6, your emotional excitement, whether the heartbeat, chest uncomfortable;
    7, you walk a little longer or walk faster, they feel chest tightness, asthma, heartbeat faster;
    8, your chest is sometimes tingling, usually 1-2 seconds or disappear;
    9, you do some originally very easy to finish the work, whether feel very tired, and feel chest tightness, asthma?;
    10, whether you are tired, unwilling to speak more?;
    11, do you have recurrent headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, unclear vision, black eyes and so on;
    12, do you feel slow thinking, slow reaction, memory loss, concentration and so on?;
    13, your legs and feet, fingers or fingers are numb, and whether to touch things without feeling, wash your hands and feet, whether it does not feel the hot and cold water?.
    14, your hands are trembling, shaking, do some basic daily work difficulty;
    15, if you feel numb tongue, stiff, speak not agile, his mouth often feel moist or unable to restrain the emotions slobber;
    16, your sleep is bad, dream or feel old sleep, wake up feeling tired again;
    17, are you difficult to control their emotions, often crying or laughing?;
    18, whether you look at everything is pleasing to the eye, and no cause for anger;
    If you have 1-2 answers to the above test "yes", it means that your health has gone wrong.
    If you have 3-4 or more answers to the above test, the answer is yes, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible for a system check. Early diagnosis.
    Vascular age self test
    1. recently depressed.
    2. too seriously.
    3., love to eat convenience foods and biscuits, snacks.
    4. partial eclipse meat.
    5. lack of physical exercise.
    6. count the number of cigarettes per day by more than 400 years.
    7. chest pain when climbing stairs.
    8., limbs cold, paralysis.
    9. often absent-minded.
    10. high blood pressure.
    11. high cholesterol or blood sugar values.
    12. of the relatives died from strokes and heart disease.
    The more the above items, the higher the age of the blood vessel: the vascular age of the subjects in the 0~4 items is normal, and the 5~7 subjects are 10 larger than the physiological age, and 8~12 of the subjects are 20 years older than the physiological age.